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Life Inside the Page Blog Sale | Wallflowers | Bath and Body Works

Shopping Guidelines

❥This is the current sale and all previous sale posts and prices are no longer active.

This sale is on a first come first serve basis so don't delay if you really want something. I cannot hold items, I'm sorry. 

Shipping within the US only please.

❥All items are new, with tags unless noted otherwise.

❥If you find something you like, please email me at

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

with your list and please include your zip code and I will get an invoice of all charges off to you. Payment is due at time of invoicing.


❥Buyers will pay all shipping charges and Paypal fees.

❥I ship using Priority Mail with tracking numbers included for every package.

❥All items are packaged extremely well and I do take photographs of my packaging.  Packages are insured up to $50 from the postal service and any additional insurance is up to the buyer to request at the time of purchase. I am not responsible for lost or damaged parcels, you will need to file a USPS claim.

❥Your Happiness is very important to me so let me know if I can help you in any way!  Happy Shopping!


Wallflower Units ( no bulbs included)

 (1) Gingerbread House Night Light with deer $12.50

 (1) Victorian House Night Light $12.00

 (2) Santa Sleigh with Gifts Night Light $ $12.50

Snowman with Long Scarf (1) $10.00

Snowman with opaque body (1) $9.00

Snowman with silver top hat Night Light $10.00 (1)

Snowman with silver knit hat Night Light $10.00 (1)

Snowman with opaque body and mittens $9.00  (1)


 Snowman with branch arms (1) $10.00

 (1) Snowman with silver stick arms Night Light $10.00

(1) Sparkly Snow Owl Night Light $10.00

(1) Green double tree $8.00

(1) Green Tree with snow branches Night Light $10.00

 (1) NutCracker $10.00

(1) Silver Bells Wreath Wallflower and Scentport set $12.50

(1) sealed in a plastic bag, removed to photograph

Velvet Stocking $12.50

(1) Skating Penguin Night Light $10.00

(1) Cream Colored Deer with Antlers $5.00

(1) Irridescent Snowflake $8.00

(1) Blue Snowflake $8.00

(1) Sparkle Gold Snowflake Night Light $8.00

(1) Pointy Snowflake $8.00

(1) Chunky Clear Snowflake $8.00

(1) Silver Snowflake $8.00

 (1) Glittery Snowflake $8.00

(1)  Turkey Night Light $12.00

 Ornaments Wallflowers (1) each red, silver, blue bow $8.00 each

 (1)  Sparkly Silver Stones Barrel $9.00



(1) Beaded Berries and Holly $9.00

 (1) Harvest Corn $13.00

(1) Sparkly Bronze Leaf $8.00

(1) Pineapple Drink Night Light $14.00

(1) Pink Lily Night Light $11.00

(1) Grapes with Silver Leaves Night Light $10.00

 Luxe Boxed Wallflowers with Bulbs $14.00 each

Lemons or Flowers


 (1) Turkey $9.00

 (1) Fish Night Light $12.00

 (1) Tree with Leaves $12.00

(1) Cream Owl on Branch $9.00

(1) Cream Leaf $9.00

(1) Patina Owl $9.00

 (1) Boo Ghost $12.00

(1) Haunted House $12.50

 White Pineapple not available

(1) Yellow Pineapple Night Light $12.00

(1) Gold Pineapple $9.00

 (1) Bee Barrel $13.00

(1) White Flower $9.00


 (1) Bird Hose Weather Vane $9.00

 (1) Patina Rooster $10.00

 (1) Bronze Rooster $10.00

 (1) Squirrel with nut $9.00

 (1) Blue Canvas Barrel $12.00

 (1) Sea Horse $10.00

(1) White Seashell $10.00

(1) Anchor with Stripes Night Light $12.50

 (1) White Light House Night Light $10.00

 (1) Tulips Night Light $10.00

 (1) Mosaic Bird Night Light $14.50

(1) Cut Out Owl $9.00

(1)Bronze Light House Night Light $10.00

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Monday, 24 July 2017

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