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Bath & Body Works | Floor Set Information for August | Fall 2017

A bit of information as we prepare ourselves for the next floor set which will be a first look at some of the new fall items Bath and Body Works has in store for us.


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Bath & Body Works | New Fall Signature Fragrances 2017

Here are the names of the new Fall Signature Fragrances coming to Bath and Body Works:

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Fairy Garden Girl | At the Beach Fairy Garden

My At The Beach Fairy Garden

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Fresh From America's Heartland

"When did I first start shopping at Bath and Body Works?"

I get asked that question a lot. 

And I guess it started in the late 90's when I would have had the chance to get up to the mall after work.  It wasn't something I did back then as much as I do now, but things were also different then. 

The Bath and Body Works store was an incredible experience for the customers at that time. Sensory overload of sight, scent and sound.  From the quaint look of the tea stained cabinets with green trim work and the wicker baskets to place your items in to shop, to the fresh cut and weighed out wax paper wrapped bars of soap this brand knew all about merchandising, and you were drawn in and they were not letting you out until you had a bag of fragrance love in your hands.

In 1999, I remember the year because I would go shopping at the mall with my brother at Christmastime and we would shop around for gifts for everyone while trying to stay shopping on a budget. I was not so savvy then on the "How-to" use of coupons that you received in the store and the survey on your receipt.  I laugh when I look at those sales slips with the free item on it as the cheapest item.  But I didn't care...I didn't know any different and was so excited to know a store was giving away a free item. And the items purchased then that I have bring a smile to my face still.

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Life Inside the Page | Get this *** out of my House Blog Sale | Clearance Prices

You know when you had enough....and it is time to clear stuff out....     Shopping Guidelines ❥This is the current sale and all previous sale posts and prices are no longer active. This sale is on a first come first serve basis so don't delay if you really want something. I cannot hold items, I'm sorry. Shipping within the US only please.......
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